Our Available Services


Medicare Clarification Call

This is a call with The Medicare Expert to clear up any confusion you have regarding your Medicare options. We'll provide guidance and recommendations for your specific Medicare situation. CLICK HERE to schedule a Medicare Clarification Call today.

Health Insurance Enrollment (Under 65)

 You are currently under the age of 65 & do NOT have Medicare coverage in place. This appointment is for those seeking assistance finding a health insurance plan for you &/or your family. This can include any available Marketplace plans or other supplemental insurance options. CLICK HERE to schedule a Health Ins Enrollment call today.


Medicare Savings Review

This is a comprehensive review of your current Medicare situation. This includes reviewing your medical needs, any updated health status, doctors & medications list, confirming your pharmacy, reviewing prescription drug plan formularies, and providing additional benefit options to consider. We will evaluate your options and provide recommendations based on your unique situation to save you time, money and provide you with additional benefits.

Typically takes place during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). However, this could also take place during an Open Enrollment Period or a Special Enrollment Period that you may qualify for in certain situations.  CLICK HERE to schedule a Medicare Savings Review appointment today.

Got an Insurance Question?

This is for existing River Stone Insurance clients who have a quick follow up question or concern regarding their current policy.  This is for clients who would like to schedule time where we are both available to address your concerns 1 on 1.  CLICK HERE to book time for this follow up.